Continuing Education

Continuing Education at St. Andrew’s involves many opportunities for learning that do not involve admission or credit toward degree or diploma programs. These include programs specifically designed for continuing education, such as workshops and book study groups. These also include ways to take part in our regular course offerings or to access the resources of the College without credit, such as auditing a course.

We call this Continuing Education because these are ways for you to continue learning with us from whatever life experiences and learning you bring. It might be your first, or your fiftieth, course or conversation about theology; these program offerings are designed to keep conversations going among our students and within the wider community, and to increase access to the wonderful resources of a theological College, which for St. Andrew’s includes the Saskatoon Theological Union Library.

Continuing Education is for individuals or groups seeking courses, events, book studies, or a facilitated conversation related to justice-seeking themes in theological studies, ministry, and community life. For example:

  • Church congregations or members of congregations
  • Alumni of St. Andrew’s who want to keep on studying!
  • Leaders of faith communities looking for learning opportunities
  • Anyone curious, interested, looking for resources and conversations on subjects or issues taught and researched at St. Andrew’s

Please see the brochure below, or contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.