Dual Degree (BTh & MDiv)

St. Andrew’s College, in partnership with The United Church of Canada, offers a program of study and formation for ordained ministry that integrates undergraduate preparation, post-graduate study and experience in ministry. Students intending to seek ordination in other denominations are also welcome.

A three-year Bachelor of Theology (BTh) will integrate one year of study in the traditional theological disciplines from St. Andrew’s with two years of study in liberal arts. The Bachelor of Theology will provide graduating students with one year of equivalency in the St. Andrew’s Master of Divinity (MDiv) program.

During the MDiv program, leading to readiness for ministry, students will engage in upper level courses in the theological disciplines, courses in practical ministry, a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education and a 20-month ministry residency experience with collegial learning circles.

For those at the beginning of their post-secondary education, programs of preparation for ministry have typically been between seven and nine years in duration. The dual degree program at St. Andrew’s may be completed in just over five and a half years.

Students graduating with the BTh and entering into the MDiv program have their tuition for the year of MDiv course work paid for by friends of St. Andrew’s College and have access to other financial support resources and earned income during ministry residency.