Order of Ministry Admission from Other Denominations

Ministers from other denominations interested in transferring credentials to The United Church of Canada (UCC) should direct their inquiries about this process to the Office of Vocations for the UCC who will provide support for the minister’s discernment and ensure that they understand the requirements of the admissions process. The admissions process, including contact information for inquiries, is outlined at The United Church of Canada website via this link: https://united-church.ca/leadership/entering-ministry/processes-entering-ordered-ministry/admission-process

The UCC Admissions Stream at St. Andrew’s College includes specific courses to fulfill some or all educational components and opportunities to cover the subject material required by the UCC Admissions Board in their new (Sept 2019) guidelines: https://united-church.ca/sites/default/files/handbook_admission_order-of-ministry.pdf

Interested applicants register with St. Andrew’s College as “occasional students” and may take up to four courses. Such courses may be transferrable to certificates or degree programs at St. Andrew’s College once admissions have re-opened.

Recommended courses for UCC Admissions Stream students:

  • HA/SA 382 Learning Circle II: United Church History, Theology and Polity (4 credit hours)
  • PA 392 United Church Worship (directed reading course) (1.5 credit hours)
  • PA 160 Introduction to Christian Education (3 credit hours)
  • PA 395 United Church Christian Education/Faith Formation (directed reading course) (1.5 credit hours)
  • PA 352 English Language and Culture for Canadian Pastoral Contexts (3 credit hours)

Students in this stream are also encouraged to consult all current course offerings at the College for other courses to support their learning and interests. See especially the courses listed for MTS in Pastoral Studies for International Partners, and the Learning Circles for the MDiv program.

All students in this stream are encouraged to consult with the Admission Board to confirm whether occasional courses taken at St. Andrew’s fulfil the competency learning outcomes as described in the Admissions handbook. St. Andrew’s College will provide reports to the UCC Admissions Board upon request by the student.

Upon completion and upon request by the student, students will receive a transcript of courses taken.

All policies and regulations of the College will apply.