Admission Requirements

To enter the Designated Lay Ministry Program you must be a member of a United Church congregation and have:

  • discerned a call to Designated Lay Ministry;
  • met with your Candidacy Board and have been declared a DLM Candidate;
  • an appointment at a Supervised Ministry Education (learning) site of at least 50 per cent time or be in the process of finding/finalizing an appointment; and
  • attained the prerequisite for entry into the DLM Program, through one of the following:
    • Successful completion of a Licensed Lay Worship Leader (LLWL) course
    • or Successful completion of the Learning on Purpose module (formerly Leadership Development Module) through the Centre for Christian Studies
    • or Successful completion of a lay certificate in theology from a United Church theological program
    • or Prior learning assessment

For more information or to apply to the DLM Program at St. Andrew’s College contact program director Kathleen James-Cavan by email or by calling 693-638-1570. An application package will be sent to you after you have talked with the Director. Pulling together all the pieces for the application package can take some time, so applicants should make contact early in the process.

We look forward to being part of your theological education and ministry journey!

Download an overview, including the cost to students, of the Designated Lay Ministry Program