Rev. Doug Neufeld shares an update on the plans to ensure the college’s future.

Apr 12, 2021

As we continue our Easter journey toward renewal and rebirth, I am pleased on behalf of the Board of Regents to share an update of where we are on our road to new life for the College.

Since the Board’s decision on February 25, there have been numerous communications in terms of responses and reactions from the college community and responses to individuals and groups that have written or called; intense short-, medium- and long-term planning toward implementation of the decision; and frequent meetings to report on progress and to address pressing issues.

The Board met most recently on Wednesday, April 7, called primarily to check in on the hope Board members may or may not still feel in the Board decision, follow up on determining the best way to implement the decision, and an update on communication since the Board decision.

Board members reported continued hope in the Board decision, while also sharing insights that were intended to improve the Board’s communication and to hear challenges and concerns.

The discussion on the implementation plans, which includes a collaborative curriculum and shared faculty within the Saskatoon Theological Union, seeks to establish an Academic Redesign Team. This team is intended to ensure a collaborative and comprehensive approach to an implementation plan. Owing to the importance of this decision, the Board will take more time to review it in detail and meet again in a week to reconsider the mandate and composition of this team. Then the proposal for the Academic Redesign Team will go to the College’s Academic Committee for feedback.

It was agreed that community and international education are central to the College’s successful future and that our next steps need to be identified and addressed with some urgency and conducted with utmost diligence.

I want to assure you as members of the St. Andrew’s community, that I as Chair, Richard as Principal, and the entire Board, are working tirelessly to navigate through this period of change, to listen to your concerns, and to work with you in the Easter spirit of hope and promise of new life.

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing commitment to St. Andrew’s.

In the name of the Risen Christ,
Rev. Doug Neufeld
Board Chair