We are pleased to announce that the Saskatoon Theological Union (STU) entered a new phase of life together on June 10, 2022. The STU held its first-ever Common Faculty meeting, in a process of development that we call, “Three Colleges, One Faculty.” For more than 50 years, the three schools in the union – College of Emmanuel & St. Chad (ESC – Anglican Church of Canada); Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon (LTS – Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada); and St. Andrew’s College (SAC – United Church of Canada) – have supported each other in a variety of ways. Following the signing of the STU Covenant in January 2022, the schools have endeavoured to grow together in tangible ways.


In Spring 2022, the governing bodies of the three schools committed to a further step in our shared academic life. We have drawn together the faculty members from each institution into one body, the STU Common Faculty. This group will work together to build common intellectual and spiritual life and develop common curriculum.


The Common Faculty, as of June 2022, is as follows:


Chair: The Rev. Dr. William Harrison

Vice-chair: The Rev. Dr. Iain Luke

Vice-chair: Dea. Dr. Richard Manley-Tannis

Academic Dean: Dr. Lynn Caldwell

Faculty Secretary: The Rev. Dr. Kayko Driedger Hesslein

Theological Ethics: Dr. Lynn Caldwell

Hebrew Scripture: Dr. Bernon Lee

Pastoral Studies: The Rev. Dr. Trish McCarthy

Theology and Church History: The Rev. Dr. Gordon Jensen

Practical Ministry: Dr. Becca Whitla

New Testament: Dr. Adam Wright


The three schools of the STU will continue to serve as distinct institutions, sustaining their denominational heritages and contributing their gifts to the common life.


Updates from the STU partners:


Emmanuel & St Chad is partnering with Anglican dioceses and local ministry schools, across northern and western Canada, in the Western Educational Collaborative Anglican Network (WECAN), to offer the college’s Licentiate in Theology in a new format. This outcomes-based curriculum invites students to build up their gifts for ministry and to gain deeper understanding of their own contexts, through local learning opportunities, mentorship and practical placements, in and around their home communities.


Lutheran Theological Seminary moves forward with its “Our Classroom is Western Canada: We Meet There in Mission” project. In this context, funded by generous grants from Lilly Endowment’s Pathways for Tomorrow program, LTS is developing courses to be delivered in partial immersion formats on location across Western Canada and online. These courses will enable preparation for leadership in lay, deacon, and pastor roles, with both certificate and degree offerings. In support of this vision, LTS faculty and  administration are moving into working from various locations across the regions that the seminary serves.


St. Andrew’s College is filled with gladness to enter this unique Saskatoon Theological Union moment with a renewed commitment to hybrid delivery of theological education which will extend our community globally, ecumenical depth which will immerse our students in three (or more!) great traditions, and responsive flexibility which takes very seriously both the call and the context of each learner.  We are also tremendously excited to prepare for the launch of our new Lifelong Learning Pathway, offering certificate programs in Leadership in the ChurchLeadership in the World, and Spiritual Exploration.

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