College Fees

Fees and tuition can be paid:

1. In person with cash, cheque, debit or credit card;

2. Over the phone via credit card at 639-638-2155; or

3. E-transfer at

To request a transcript contact the registrar at

ProgramPer Academic Year$50.00
Full Tuition10 (3 credit courses)$6,750.00 ($11,640.00)*
1 (3 credit course)$675.00 ($1,164.00)*
Audit1 (3 credit courses)$337.50*
Program-Based Credit Requirement**(One-time fee)$675.00 ($1,164.00)*
ThM Level Course300G and 400 Level (3 credit)$950.00 ($1,350.00)*
ThM Audit Course1 (3 credit course)$475.00
Program FeeAssessed per academic year$50.00
Populi Fee$9.50/month
Technology Fee$6/credit unit

**Program Based Requirements Fee – PA 100 MTS or PA 100 MDiv – is assessed once a MDiv or MTS program student registers for their first course. This fee is equivalent to a 3 credit course and covers mandatory aspects of the program like: faculty advising, entry colloquium, welcome week, language workshop, boundaries workshop, core group.

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program Fees

Programannually for first three years$1,000.00
Tuition1 (3 credit) course$1,050.00 ($1,455.00)*
Colloquium1 (1 credit) colloquium$350.00 ($485.00)*
1 (2 credit) colloquium$700.00 ($970.00)*
Continuation$500 per semester or $1,000 per year
(maximum extension of 2 years)
Populi Fee$9.50/month
Technology Fee$6/credit unit

Designated Lay Ministry (DLM) Program Fees

Tuitionper Learning Circle$1,200.00 ($1,690.00)*
TuitionComplementary course at St. Andrew's$675.00 ($1,164.00)*
Populi Fee$9.50/month
Technology Fee$18/learning circle

*tuition fees: based on 3 credit course, after awarding of Friends of St. Andrew’s Bursary: A bursary is applied to each course taken by program students from the Friends of St. Andrew’s Bursary. Program students will be assessed the tuition amount after the bursary has been applied. MDiv, MTS, BTh/UCC Admissions, DipTh: $489/3cr bursary applied, ThM: $390/3cr bursary applied, DMin $405/3cr bursary applied. Occasional students do not have access to the Friends of St. Andrew’s Bursary and will be assessed the net tuition of $675/3 credit course (plus any applicable fees). Students auditing a course will be assessed 50% of the net tuition assessment, plus any applicable fees.

All fees are subject to change and should be checked with the registrar.

Registration for the term is not considered complete until all fees have been paid. A student may not register for any further classes until all course and activity fees for the previous semester have been paid nor will degrees and transcripts be released.