St. Andrew’s College (SAC)

Educational Guide Position Description

2-Year (Renewable) Contract


Position Overview 

The Lifelong Learning Pathway at St. Andrew’s College ( focuses on the learning goals of each individual learner, supported by the unique pedagogical relationship between the learner and the Educational Guide. The Guide does not function as a “content provider” or “subject expert,” but rather provides a source of encouragement, feedback, co-reflection, and overall direction. The Guide works with the learner to understand the portfolio process, define and refine learning goals, discover learning resources, create learning reflections, provide a demonstration of competencies, and present a celebratory project.   


After the intake phase of the learner’s journey, the Guide and learner meet on a monthly basis, as well as exchange reflections and conversations via email and/or Teams. In general, a Guide should prepare to spend approximately two hours per month working with each learner, including reviewing reflections and online communication. This will vary somewhat with each learner, but the Guide will be responsible for setting boundaries around time. 



  • MDiv, MTS, or equivalent preferred; lifelong learning experience will also be considered 
  • Demonstrated commitment to and experience with adult learning models 
  • Familiarity and experience with theological and spiritual traditions and resources 
  • Ability to communicate well via multiple online platforms (email, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.) 


Contract Details 

2 years, beginning September 2023 (guiding training to be held earlier in July as needed).   


The Educational Guide works in collaboration with the Lifelong Learning Pathway Educational Coordinator. The Educational Guide’s performance oversight is the Principal of the College. 


The initial contract is casual in nature and not eligible for benefits. Should the contract be extended or expanded, this can be (re)negotiated. 


Remuneration: $75 / month/learner, up to a maximum of 15 learners in the first year.   


For more information, or to apply, please contact Dr. Bernon Lee with CV and cover letter by May 19 ([email protected]