Lifelong Learning Pathway

The St. Andrew’s Lifelong Learning Pathway (LLL) seeks to open the great joy and privilege of theological and spiritual reflection to a wide community of learners, beyond our traditional degree programs. For those who are exploring Christian discipleship through leadership in church or in the wider society, and for those who are seeking paths of wisdom in other spiritual traditions, our certificate programs create new possibilities of study.

Our Lifelong Learning Pathway prioritizes the student’s own learning goals, and pairs the learner with their own educational guide. By identifying educational resources and opportunities, developing a personalized learning plan, and building a portfolio of reflective work, the student progresses at their own pace toward the competencies described in their chosen certificate.

This unique new program will be a perfect fit for seasoned pastors seeking continuing education, lay leaders who desire to engage in theological work to enhance their ministries and vocations, and spiritually curious wisdom-seekers who will benefit from a flexible and supportive framework of reflection. Regardless of one’s previous formal education, St. Andrew’s Lifelong Learning Pathway opens a treasure-trove of theological and spiritual exploration to all who desire it!

Some of the benefits included with your subscription to the program include:

  • Personalized learning plan / journal / portfolio
  • Access to coordinator and guide
  • Technology access, including Teams and the Microsoft suite of programs
  • Library access, including the Digital Theological Library
  • Peer cafes
  • Internal learning offerings
  • College chapel and other worship invitations
  • College social events (LLL learners are as deeply integrated with the degree students as possible, to develop a large and vibrant mixed community of learners at the College)
  • Core Community and access to Pastor-in Residence
  • Contemplative Gatherings (and other spiritual formation opportunities)
  • Practically Prophetic webinars

The Lifelong Learning Pathway includes three certificate options:

All three of these Certificates build in core competencies which may allow students to progress, if they so desire, into the graduate level degree programs of St. Andrew’s College, such as the Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies.

LLL tuition is applied on a subscription model, at $100 per month.

For more information, please contact the College Recruitment Officer at [email protected] or click here:

LLL Introductory Video