Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree is for people pursuing ordained ministry. It combines academic learning with experiential learning through a residency (internship) requirement. This is a four-year degree.

Required courses to be completed before residency (internship) are in the areas of: Biblical Studies, Theology, Church History, Ethics/Church in Society, Pastoral Care, Worship and Christian Education. Integration Seminar (practical field ministry work) is also required. In addition, there are credits which must be completed during residency (internship) and before graduation such as: United Church History, Theology and Polity, Mission and Administration, Skills and Reflection in Pastoral Ministry, Learning and Reflection in Aboriginal Ministry contexts and Vocation and Identity in Pastoral Ministry? There are other requirements in the life of the college that must also be fulfilled, e.g. orientation, chapel leadership and various workshops.

The normal admission requirement is an undergraduate degree from a recognized university or its educational equivalent. Applicants to the MDiv program intending to seek ordination in The United Church of Canada need to learn how to become a candidate for ordination. Students must be candidates for ordination before beginning their residency (internship). Applicants to the MDiv program intending to seek ordination in another denomination need to present documentation from their denominational body supporting their admission.

MDiv students in their first and second year who are enrolled in a minimum of three courses per semester can apply to have one year (30 credit hours) of tuition paid by the College. MDiv students accepted into their Year 3 and Year 4 residency placement will have their residency tuition fully rebated.

Students are able to apply online for the Master of Divinity Program by completing the online application form.