Strategic Plan

In November 2020, the St. Andrew’s College Board of Regents approved the Strategic Plan. The final plan represents an inclusive and collaborative effort of dozens of members of the St. Andrew’s community including faculty, staff, students, the board, committee members, alumni, Church and community members, the Saskatoon Theological Union, other partners and experts in the area of theological education.

In the midst of this important work, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As a result, there were new considerations and challenges to integrate into the plan. The final strategic priorities and associated initiatives provide a detailed roadmap toward a thriving and vibrant future for St. Andrew’s College.

Six strategic priorities were identified along with associated actions:

1. Financial sustainability:

Achieve and demonstrate a model of long-term financial sustainability.

2. Engagement and Excellence:

Engage students through academic excellence, theological expertise and ministry preparation.

3. Partnership:

Cultivate and leverage collaborative partnerships.

4. Visibility and Recruitment:

Develop and implement plans to increase visibility and recruit/retain students.

5. Creativity and Experimentation:

Embrace and demonstrate a pioneering and resourceful mindset.

6. Culture:

Foster a justice driven, student-focused culture of collaboration, leadership, research, and innovation.

The full Strategic Plan document is available for reading and download HERE.