Governance & Board of Regents


St. Andrew’s College is governed by a board of regents under provincial charter. The board is made up of representatives of the constituencies served by the college, with members chosen for their expertise in specific areas and for their commitment to the well-being of the college.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is accountable to the board and is composed of:

  • Representatives from the college constituencies including:
    • One member of the alumni/ae;
    • One member with experience as ministry personnel of The United Church of Canada;
    • One member with knowledge and experience of The United Church of Canada’s Candidacy Boards, Office of Vocation, and Candidacy Pathway;
  • The Principal
  • The Faculty
  • The Registrar
  • The Chair of the Board
  • Students
  • Post-secondary Educators
  • Members-at-large

The Academic Committee listens to the needs of the church, primarily in a prairie context, for an educated ordered and lay ministry. It is responsible for:

  • Advocate the integrity of the academic programs of the College;
  • Examine, in some depth, issues such as design, quality and direction of the College’s theological education;
  • Consider and respond to academic concerns expressed by students and faculty;
  • Adjudicate student appeals of assignment grades;
  • Explore broad issues of academic concern, informed by current research in the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education and the standards of accreditation;
  • Establish and, where necessary, recommend academic policy to the Board;
  • Direct the studies, lectures, examinations and exercises for the students of St. Andrew’s College and award scholarships and prizes;
  • Confer degrees in theology, grant diplomas and other recognition of completion of any specific courses of studies;

College Council

The college council’s primary responsibilities shall be the oversight of the community life of the College under such guidelines as the Board or its Academic Committee may establish. It consists of staff, student and faculty and receives input from a number of college committees.