Partners and Affiliation

St. Andrew’s College offers students an intimate, personalized learning opportunity within a small community while still offering all of the benefits and resources of a large university through its affiliation with the University of Saskatchewan, collaboration with the university’s Anglican and Lutheran colleges through the Saskatoon Theological Union, and its international partnership with Hanshin Graduate School of Theology and SungKongHoe University, both in Seoul, South Korea.

University of Saskatchewan

St. Andrew’s College is an affiliated college of the University of Saskatchewan. As a result, students at St. Andrew’s can undertake their studies in the college’s small learning community while still having access to the wider teaching, library and recreational resources provided by the University of Saskatchewan and other colleges.

Saskatoon Theological Union

Students and faculty at St. Andrew’s have a close working relationship with the Anglican College of Emmanuel and St. Chad and the Lutheran Theological Seminary, both of which are also located on the University of Saskatchewan campus, as part of the Saskatoon Theological Union (STU).

The STU aims to provide a co-operative and ecumenical approach to theological education. While remaining distinct and separate institutions, the three member colleges share their resources in significant ways. The STU framework makes the course offerings of all three colleges available to students enrolled in any of the member institutions. Attempts are made to co-ordinate course offerings in each area of study and in some instances courses are jointly offered by professors from more than one college.

The operation of the STU is maintained by means of regular meetings of the faculty members of the three colleges, supplemented by meetings of more specialized groups — the heads of colleges, the registrars, the subject-area “sections” (Biblical Studies; Church History and Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, Ethics and Church and Society; Pastoral Theology), and other ad hoc committees. The Graduate Studies Program is supervised by a director in conjunction with the Graduate Studies Council comprised of the faculty members of the three colleges.

The STU maintains a close relationship with the University of Saskatchewan with which all three schools are affiliated. Professors from each of the three colleges regularly teach in the university’s Department of Religious Studies.

Hanshin and SungKongHoe Partnerships

St. Andrew’s offers an international experience through partnerships with both Hanshin Graduate School of Theology in Seoul, South Korea, and SungKongHoe University in Seoul, South Korea and The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) that offers the opportunity for student and faculty exchanges. St. Andrew’s students may earn credits while studying at Hanshin or SungKongHoe and benefit from sharing studies with Korean students while in Saskatoon.

For further information, please contact the registrar at [email protected]

한신대 교환 협정:

본 신학대학원은 2011년 1월 한국 기장 소속 한신대 신학대학원과 학교간 협정을 맺었습니다. 이 협정으로 양 학교 학생들의 교환프로그램이 제공되어, 본 학생이 한신에서 1학기 (최대 2학기) 수학할 수 있고, 한신 학생들도 같은 조건으로 본 학교에서 공부할 수 있는 기회가 제공됩니다. 구체적인 내용에 대한 의뢰는 교학과 담당자에게 연락을 하십시오. [email protected].