We are tremendously excited to announce that St. Andrew’s College has filled three new faculty positions, which will collaborate with the Saskatoon Theological Union. Dr. Lynn Caldwell will assume the tenured position as the Professor of Theological Ethics, Dr. Becca Whitla will assume the tenure track position as the Professor of Practical Ministry, and Dr. Bernon Lee will assume the tenure track position as Professor of Hebrew Scriptures and our first Educational Coordinator of the College’s new Lifelong Learning Pathway, which is unique to St. Andrew’s!

This new faculty configuration is St. Andrew’s’ contribution to the exciting emergent work of the Saskatoon Theological Union, as it continues to develop a shared curriculum, with faculty members working closely together across denominational lines. This work is an expression of the College’s Strategic Plan as well as the recently ratified Saskatoon Theological Union Covenant. While Lynn, Becca, and Bernon continue their good work in the employ of St. Andrew’s, they now do so as members working collaboratively with the Saskatoon Theological Union Faculty.

Lynn shares this: “One of the things that St. Andrew’s College and the Saskatoon Theological Union do, is to hold space and to keep creating new spaces, for deep study and practical experience. This is creative, critical, active, faithful, and theological work that requires involvement in the world; that is a very good thing, this is a very good place, and now is a very good time to get to it.”


Becca reflects that “I always throw my whole self, especially my heart, into everything I do. At St. Andrew’s, I have been deeply moved by the legacy and witness of justice on the prairies. I look forward being part of the future of the Saskatoon Theological Union as it ministers to, speaks to, and speaks from the church at the margins while reflecting God’s beloved community and the liberating love at the heart of the Gospel.”


Finally, Bernon observes: “the warm welcome and care showered upon me by the St. Andrew’s community through my time of transition to life here at the college have gladdened my heart and confirmed to me Spirit’s abiding presence in this place. As I walk into my new role, I aspire to live into the magnanimity of that hospitality in our shared path.”


There is more exciting news as well. Board Chair Doug Neufeld reports that “St. Andrew’s Board of Regents is thrilled to announce the renewal of Principal Richard Manley-Tannis’ contract for an additional five years after the end of his current contract in 2023. This continuity is ever important, as Richard’s role includes being our Chief Academic Officer and visionary for the work before us.”

Richard comments that “there are not too many places that are able to innovate well in these changing denominational times. St. Andrew’s historic commitment to a student-centred orientation allows it to continue to respond nimbly with academic and lifelong learning renewal that is vibrant and speaks to, and beyond, the Prairie context.”


Working together with our STU partners, Lutheran Theological Seminary, and the College of Emmanuel & St. Chad, we anticipate a new season of faithful theological education that embodies compassion, hope, and justice.