Online Community?  Church Hybridity?  The Digital Body of Christ?

If these are realities which continue to excite, disturb, or otherwise engage you, then mark your calendars for the first annual summer learning event co-sponsored by the three schools of the Saskatoon Theological Union in partnership with St. Thomas More College.

From June 13 – 16 we will be exploring the theme of Religious Community in a Digital World.

As a gift to the wider community, this amazing learning event is being offered by St. Thomas More College, Lutheran Theological Seminary, the College of Emmanuel St. Chad, and St. Andrew’s College without charge!  Register now:

Apropos of our topic, this conference will be held entirely online.  It will include keynote presentations, worship, workshops, social time, networking opportunities, and digital spaces for deep and rich ecumenical encounter.

Our keynote speakers this summer are Dr. Deanna Thompson (author of The Virtual Body of Christ in a Suffering World) and Dr. Jeffrey Mahan (author of Church as Network: Christian Life and Connection in Digital Culture).   Individually and in dialogue, our speakers will be looking at our new digital-ecclesial landscape through historical, theological, and pastoral lenses.  For those of us planning on engaging our plugged-in world, no matter how bewildered we may feel in it, these conversations will be missional and life-giving, practical and prophetic.

For more information, please contact Shawn Sanford Beck at [email protected] or  306 441 6367.