Occasional (non-program) Students

Occasional students may register for credit for up to four semester courses without being enrolled in a degree program. To be permitted to take a course for credit, such students must provide the College with evidence of one of the educational prerequisites:

  • an official transcript indicating that they have successfully completed the equivalent of one year of university classes;
  • the Learning on Purpose Module (formerly the Leadership Development Module) from the Centre for Christian Studies (letter of completion or official transcript);
  • successfully complete a Skills Assessment (available from the Registrar).

Occasional students may audit a course (except an online course) with the permission of the instructor.

Occasional students may register for credit in the undergraduate level courses (000) as long as the applicant demonstrated admission to an undergraduate program. Occasional students may take a maximum of two undergraduate level courses.

Occasional students intending to use credits earned from St. Andrew’s College courses toward academic degree programs at another institution must arrange for the registrar to receive a Letter of Permission from that institution in order to complete the registration process.

Members of the United Church who are wondering whether a vocation in Christian ministry might be appropriate for them are encouraged to enter the Diploma program. If an occasional student decides to continue with a program of study, courses taken for credit as an occasional student may be applied to a degree or non-degree program.

There is not a registration or application fee to become an occasional student with St. Andrew’s College. In order to apply to become an occasional student, a registration form must be completed, along with meeting one of the educational pre-requisites listed above. Please contact the College Registrar for an Occasional Student Registration Form at [email protected] or phone (639) 638-1510.