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St. Andrew’s seeks to offer “something extra” to the students who choose to live in residence with attention given to building a sense of community.
The Charles F. (Doc) Johnston Residence at St. Andrew’s College not only provides a home for students during their years of study, but also aids women and men in the transition to university life. The residence at St. Andrew’s is a community that reflects the grace of God to all who choose to live here.

St. Andrew’s seeks to offer “something extra” to the students who choose to live in residence with attention given to building a sense of community. With accommodation for just 18 students — both male and female — a close-knit, family-like atmosphere is created within the residence, with senior class students helping their younger colleagues.

Individuals are accepted into residence on the basis of their declared willingness to live in a respectful mature residence and to invest some of their time and effort in a common program, including activity groups, sports and other special events that may be offered.


St. Andrew’s is located just inside the Memorial Gates on the southwest corner of the University of Saskatchewan campus on College Drive and is within walking distance of all university buildings. The residence has 18 single rooms, each furnished with a single bed, dresser, desk, and a wardrobe or a closet. Residents may provide their own microwave and fridge for their rooms, however there are restrictions on size and power consumption.

Common-use facilities include a coin-operated laundry, a communal recycling area and a TV lounge. St. Andrew’s library is available to residents for study purposes and is conditional upon full co-operation with library regulations. In addition, St. Andrew’s College maintains a smoke-free environment.

Limited parking is available and application can be made for parking stalls that are provided to residents based on an assessment of need as identified in their application.

The residence is administered by the Residence Association. Individual and collective responsibility is expected on the part of all residents.

Food services

It is mandatory for residents to show proof of purchase of a minimum $500 in prepaid food services per term. Declining balance prepaid meal cards are available in $20 increments from either the University of Saskatchewan food services or St. Thomas More College, and additional meal plans are available from U of S food services.

Proof of purchase of at least the first-term meal plan must be provided before keys are handed out. Proof of purchase of the second-term meal plan must be provided by the end of the second week in January. Cancellation of a meal plan during residency at St. Andrew’s College places the resident in violation of the regulations.

Academic Year Residence Rates

Residence rates for the academic year are $475 per month for a total of $3,800 (September – April) with the full amount due in September.

Additional charges are as follows: $475 damage deposit that also serves as a deposit to hold your room once your application has been accepted; $30 key deposit that is refunded when keys are returned; and $60 community fee for residence social functions, cable television, newspaper, etc. All cheques should be made payable to St. Andrew’s College.

An application form must be returned along with a non-refundable $20 application fee and two reference forms directly submitted by the individuals you have indicated as references on your application form. Application and reference forms should be returned to:

Residence Office
St. Andrew’s College
1121 College Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 0W3

The reference forms along with the application fee must be received in our office in order to have your application for residence considered.

More information is available by contacting property manager Carolina Castro at the above address, by telephone at (639) 638-0644, or by email to [email protected]

Summer Residence Rates 

If you are studying at the University of Saskatchewan during the May 1 to August 25 period rooms may be available at St. Andrews residence at a rate of $180/week (+GST) or $475/month (GST Exempt). A $475 damage deposit is required.

An application form must be filled out and returned to the residence office along with a non-refundable $20.00 application fee. The total residence fee for the duration of the required accommodation is payable on arrival. Cheques drawn on bank branches other than Saskatoon must be certified. Payment can also be made in cash, by money order payable to St. Andrew’s College or by Visa or Mastercard.