College Companions

This initiative of St. Andrew’s College builds upon its ongoing commitment to develop deeper relationships with supporters and friends. College Companions are those who have committed to support the college, on an annual basis, at one of two initial tiers:

  1. Cypress $500/annum with a yearly commitment to increase the gift by 10% annually; and,
  2. Tamarack $1 000/annum with a yearly commitment to increase the gift by 5% annually.

This initiative invites new donors to give at these levels; existing supporters, at either of these two-tier levels, are invited to commit to the annual increase. Each tier will have access to ongoing new digital content, which the college has and will continue to create:

  1. Cypress: This donor level will have access to the College Sunday Digital Worship Library. This resource allows individuals and faith communities to download and/or stream full worship services developed by members of St. Andrew’s. Currently there are 6 worship services, which range from thematic to stand-alone. The college will be adding new worship experiences every year; and,
  2. Tamarack: At this donor tier, supporters will receive access to the College Sunday Digital Worship Library as well as a sampler of the Lifelong Learning Pathway.  This sampler includes a free learning goal consultation, a three-month subscription to Pathway membership, and one free audited course as part of the Pathway portfolio. This would be available either to an individual, or to a community of faith which would elect to sponsor one of their members as a learner.

If you or your faith community want to know more about this exciting initiative and the digital resources which accompany the tiers, please contact Melanie Schwanbeck, College Secretary, [email protected].