St. Andrew’s College is a theological school of The United Church of Canada that seeks to proclaim and embody Jesus Christ’s message of compassion, justice and hope in an inclusive way by working in a Prairie context and in partnership with others to prepare individuals for Christian leadership.

We seek to fulfill our mission through:

  • Teaching and learning at the graduate level that is engaged and co-operative
  • Integrating theory and practice throughout our programs
  • Fostering a community of learning, faith and fellowship
  • Providing flexible and off-site educational opportunities
  • Offering ongoing support and enhancement to alumni and others in ministry
  • Cultivating Christian theologies of justice and respect for the land
  • Acting as a centre of excellence to provide scholarly resources and new ideas to people of the church and diverse communities
  • Working together with the colleges of the Saskatoon Theological Union to offer challenging ecumenical education
  • Collaborating with other centres of learning on the Prairies and beyond
  • Maintaining accredited membership in the Association of Theological Schools of the United States and Canada

We undertake this work by the grace of God, whose Spirit calls us to both stability and vulnerability.

As The United Church of Canada’s primary centre for theological education and pastoral training in the Prairie region, St. Andrew’s College opens its doors to all who are seeking to grow in their faith and provide leadership within the church, from candidates for ministry to lay people interested in theological studies and those in the ministry who are seeking further education.

St. Andrew’s College serves the United Church’s Conferences of Alberta and Northwest, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. The education it provides emphasizes the contextual study of scripture, theology, history, ethics, education and pastoral care with attention to the significance of the gospel for the cultural, economic and political realities of our times.

The college provides on-campus and distance education courses to the Master of Divinity (MDiv) with testamur for ordination, the Master of Theological Studies (MTS), Master of Theology (ThM), Doctor of Ministry (DMin), Bachelor of Theology (BTh) as part of our Dual Degree Program, and a one-year Diploma in Theology and is home to the Designated Lay Ministry Program.

In all of its educational programs, St. Andrew’s recognizes that students come to the study of Christian faith with diverse backgrounds and resources and the college works to provide ways of learning that draw on the prior experience of adult students.