Congratulations to Dr. Bernon Lee, granted tenure by St. Andrew’s Board of Regents!


Dr. Lee in response: “I am eager to begin this new phase of my vocational journey at St. Andrew’s College. St. Andrew’s, in these last years, has been a home from which to forge a closer association of scholarship, religious contemplation, and social-cultural engagement. In my dual role as Professor of Hebrew Scriptures and Educational Coordinator of the Lifelong Learning Pathway, I am empowered to imagine for theological education an approach that would yoke the ancient discipline of biblical interpretation with the emerging spirituality and social engagement that is increasingly, and unapologetically, contextualized to space, race, and the shifting social-economic landscape of this continent. Basking in the warmth of a St. Andrew’s embrace, I look forward to being a party to this venture into the new.


Here, I wish to offer thanks to those who pored over the scribblings of my dossier and saw in these the possibility of an interweaving with the rich cultural tapestry which is St. Andrew’s College. Thanks, also, to those who witnessed my stumbling towards a more mature vision for theological education and (yet) supported me in writing.”