We are pleased to announce that Dr. YunJung Kim will be the new Director of the Designated Lay Ministry Program beginning January 2024.  Please read the following words from Dr. Kim:


I’m deeply appreciative of the opportunity to lead the DLM program as director at St. Andrew’s College. I’m very excited to walk with the DLM candidates who faithfully follow a call to ministry in the UCC, while I fully support each of them to cultivate their sense of identity in ministry, theological knowledge, leadership skills, and diverse ministerial gifts, that can appropriately equip them to take the responsible role of a lay minister.


It is my own testimony that both my academic and my ministry journey has been significantly shaped and enriched through engaging relational learning methods: sharing of each one’s own stories of tears and joy in faith, contextual analysis, critical self-reflective discipline, exchanging constructive dialogue, and commitment to mutual learning with one another in the appreciation of each other’s differences and diversity.  Resourcing my rich experiences of growth and transformation through interconnected learning with one another, my gifts of theological strength and critical perspectives, and my companionship with learners in trust, I will fulfill my role of director, serving to educate and nurture the DLM candidates of the UCC.


It will be my true joy and gratefulness to witness each candidate who carries out the prophetic and pastoral ministry adventure of the UCC in the present and in the future, which is filled with many stories of challenges, love, and transformation in faithful livingness.


With excitement and gratitude,

YunJung Kim