With pleasure, St. Andrew’s College announces that its search for an Educational Guide for the soon-to-be-launched (in September!!) Lifelong Learning Pathway—a learner-driven, competency-based series of certificate programmes (–has led us to Dr. YunJung Kim. Dr. Kim brings a depth and breadth to our team of Guides that will allow us to engage learners across a substantial range of theological and religious interests in today’s diverse (and diversifying) world. She will join our team of Guides for a time of training in late July.


Dr. Kim’s transcontinental odyssey that brings her to St. Andrew’s, in her own words, is as follows:


I was born and raised in South Korea. I graduated with a MDiv from Hanshin Graduate School of Theology in Seoul, South Korea, and was ordained in 2001 by the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK). While working as a program staff in the department of Ecumenical Relations in General Assembly Office of PROK from 1999-2003, I engaged with the broader contexts of Korean Christian communities working for ecumenical movements, with Korea’s peaceful reunification movements, and in action for social and gender justice in Korean society.


I migrated to Toronto in 2004. I graduated from Emmanuel College of Victoria University at the University of Toronto with a Master of Theological Studies with a focus on eco-feminist theology. I graduated from Emmanuel College, also, with a Doctor of Theology in 2021. Committed to decolonial practices and an interrelational vision for life, I studied postcolonial, feminist, and intercultural theology as these intersected with the critical perspectives of Asian migrant women.


I was admitted to the Order of Ministry of The United Church of Canada in 2020. I have been working to build, since, an anti-racist, intercultural, and inclusive community within local communities of faith and within the wider contexts of the UCC.


While I have had many experiences of learning, teaching, and expanding my theological boundaries in cross-cultural settings, I consider myself, still, a lifelong learner. I love to explore theological curiosities and questions that arise from the ever-shifting local and global contexts for creative, critical, and interdisciplinary theological expression.


I live with my husband, Rev. Woong Youm, our two children, and our cat in Toronto. I enjoy spending time reading with a cup of black coffee, going on walks, family camping, and travelling.


I’m excited to join the educational team of the Lifelong Learning Pathway at St. Andrew’s College. In my passion for continuing self-growth, I’m grateful for the opportunity to accompany others who share this same journey of curiosity and learning. By applying fully my intellectual skills, theological perspectives, creativity, and also my gift for companionship, I will support each learner holistically to refine their learning goals and to build competencies as they pursue their learning. In a pedagogical relationship, I believe that both the guide and the learner grow together, mutually strengthening our theological/spiritual wisdom for cultivating bold Christian discipleship in this uneven world. Thank you!


Welcome, Dr. Kim. We are very pleased that you are joining our team.